Not so mysterious after all

Published August 3, 2014

I love that game where, you’re listening to a song and it sounds just like another song and you compare and contrast. In this day and age, there aren’t a lot of new things in music left to be discovered - almost everything has been done before and can be picked up as “copying” a previous artist.

Whilst driving, I was listening to Return of the 90s, a surprisingly cheap album stacked full of songs that bring back memories. This tune came on by Inner Circle, which I knew of but wasn’t overly familiar with.

When it started, I was absolutely sure it was Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl. I did a double take, wondering why it was on the album before realising Andre’s musical career did start in the 1990s (jeez I’m old), and then did a second double take (so a quadruple take) because it wasn’t the song I thought it was.

If I had slightly more musical ability, I’d do a mash-up of these because they are the same. And not only musically, but the videos are quite reminiscent too. Frolicking about in the water, splashing each other, half-dressed ladies, it’s all one and the same thing!

Such fun.

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