One step closer to colonising the moon

Published June 28, 2014

Continuing my space-mad theme at the moment, before I disappeared for two weeks, I was most excited to read this story about wifi on the moon!

MIT have been experimenting with beaming things off multiple satellites in an attempt to reach the moon, and they reckon it’s possible, if a little tricky.

Communicating at high data rates from Earth to the moon with laser beams is challenging because of the 400,000-kilometre distance spreading out the light beam. It’s doubly difficult going through the atmosphere, because turbulence can bend light-causing rapid fading or dropouts of the signal at the receiver.

When Mr C and I move house, our check list of things to look out for includes capacity for parking (on the moon, I think there will be space), risk of flooding (again, not so much an issue on the moon), and access to the internet. With those three checked off the list, all we need now is the pesky little details like a steady supply of food, water and oxygen, and then we can call in the removals team!

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