Adventures with Netflix abroad

Published June 29, 2014

When I stepped off the plane in Houston, I didn’t think Netflix was going to work. I have a UK account, obviously, and I figured that it just wouldn’t function across the pond. That was crazy thinking and when I opened the app I was overjoyed to see not only my current shows but also a selection of new and exciting things that we don’t get in the UK.

Orange is the New Black

Now, I was a bit of a wimp and didn’t bother to watch any of the US only options. Part of that was because I was desperate to start the new series of Orange is the New Black and didn’t want to waste time on anything else. The other part of me didn’t want to start something over there and then not be able to finish it in time. It’d be pretty rubbish to get back and not be able to finish a series for a hideously long time.

When I came home, I opened Netflix again and found all the US-centric shows still on the menu, but they wouldn’t open. Instead, I was faced with an error and content not found. After restarting every which way, I eventually had to opt for the reset button in the settings. Suddenly, everything I’d watched over the previous fortnight was gone, my place in Orange is the New Black had been lost and it was like I’d never been away.

So, it seems like Netflix is smart enough to get you from the UK to the US library, making the transition so easy you might not even realise it’s happened. But the other way round is not to be encouraged and you’re left floundering in a sea of not-quite-as-good TV selections.

In the end, I found my place in Orange is the New Black and went on to finish it. What a great second series. So on balance, I can forgive Netflix almost anything if they keep coming up with the goods like that.

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