I can't help it, I opened a gate

Published April 18, 2014

If you’ve been following my adventures online for any sort of time, you might already know that I haven’t been big on the emotions. My Film Watch reviews, in particular, have shown that I’ve avoided getting swept up in romantic comedies, and those that are considered tearjerkers left me cold. Because everything is a Friends reference, I was kinda like Chandler.

You may also have noted the past tense in that first paragraph.

Something happened to me while I was watching Sport Relief this year, and I haven’t been the same since.

I can’t even put my finger on what it was. A combination of wine, the charity endeavours, tiredness from a long week, exam stress. Suddenly, I was watching Davina talking to a woman that she had helped as a child, and I was in floods of tears. I wanted to give them all my money.

Thankfully, Mr C was on hand to stop me bankrupting myself. I dealt with the hangover and moved on, but that new emotional feeling didn’t leave. It stuck around, particularly when it comes to the aforementioned watching of films.

I voluntarily opted for Pretty Woman, something I’ve been putting off for a long time. I was so invested in Saving Mr Banks that I cried buckets at the end. And here’s the real kicker, the film that is the reason for this self-indulgent post. Valentine’s Day.

After watching Pretty Woman, we realised there’s an awful lot going on in Valentine’s Day, one of those Love Actually clones directed by Garry Marshall of PW fame, that relates back to the story of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

The thought entered our minds that we should view the 2010 film again, to see all the homages to its predecessor, but looking back at my review didn’t inspire confidence.

This really was a terrible, terrible film. The redeeming features though: lots of famous people so good fun to see how they all interacted with each other. Quite amusing consuming wine and guessing what was going to happen in each of the relationships. We were right as much as we were wrong. That one surprise at the end was good. You couldn’t pay me to watch this again but I don’t necessarily want my two hours back.

You couldn’t pay me to watch it again, except that now I really, really wanted to see it. We actually did put it on in the background, whilst doing some other chores and jeez, I thought it was the best film ever. Cheesy and a rip-off of Love Actually, sure, but filled with fun stories and laughs, and a tangled web of relationships.

Which puts me in something of a dilemma, because whilst Mr C demanded I write this post to correct the wrongs I did Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t help the hundreds of other films I judged with a different eye. Do I need to go back and rewatch them all now that I’ve found I’m not a robot? There’s far too many to do that, but perhaps in the future I’ll have to start up another new blog: Film Watch, The Reruns.

Mr C may prefer this new multi-layered Christine, but I think I preferred it when my reaction was Chandler-esque:

Phoebe: Oh y’know what’s sadder than this? Bambi. I cried for three days with that movie. No wait two! Because on the third day my mother killed herself so I was partly crying for that.

Chandler: Well see now that I can see crying over, but Bambi is a cartoon!

Joey: (crying) You didn’t cry when Bambi’s mother died?

Chandler: Yes it was very sad when the guy stopped drawing the deer!

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