Trailer Tuesday - From Vegas to Broadway

Published October 29, 2013

It’s been nearly two months since I posted one of these, and as you can imagine the trailers have amassed at quite a rate. I’ve a list of about a dozen films we’ve been intrigued by, but I’ll just post two trailers here today.

The trailers

First up, the obvious. Captain America. We didn’t think all that much of the first one, the second one looks an awful lot better. They’ve learnt heaps from The Avengers, it seems.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The other one I thought worth posting was Robert Redford going all Cast Away-esque. All is Lost sees him trying to survive at sea after his sailing boat sinks. It looks really good, and I’m always intrigued by films where it’s just one or two characters having to hold the whole thing together.

All is Lost

The others, in case you were curious, are listed below. I won’t post links or clutter up the post, they’re just a search engine away.

  • Last Vegas (The room is spinning!)
  • Catching Fire (Hunger Games Part 2, I think Mr C is looking forward to this even more than I am.)
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Curious about this Jack Ryan thing, after watching the same character on a submarine.)
  • One Chance (It feels too soon to have a biopic of Paul Potts but James Corden looks on top form.)
  • Non-Stop (Taken, but on a plane!)
  • 22 Bullets (Taken, but in French!)
  • The Counselor (Not entirely sure what the film is about, the trailer is no help, but famous cast.)
  • Mandela (Looks good, if a little over my silly head.)
  • That Awkward Moment (Boys being boys, and that natural film-style too.)
  • Ender’s Game (There’s controversy around this, I know, but mostly try to separate art from creator.)
  • Escape Plan (The prison looks amazing!)
  • Broadway Idiot (Looks like a brilliant documentary.)

Film stuff

Other bits and pieces about the film world that I have opinions on but aren’t necessarily at the trailer stage yet.

  • I get most of my news from Total Film, and I don’t know if there just isn’t a lot of news about at the moment or there’s just been a rush of countdown posts (50 of this, 25 of that). This 150 new movies slideshow is quite handy though.
  • We really enjoyed Horrible Bosses, but I didn’t know there was going to be a sequel, and I’m not 100% sure how it can work with regards to the story. Hopefully it won’t be like The Hangover sequels, though, where it is pretty much exactly the same film only slightly worse.
  • A film about the life and times of Elton John. And Bane in the title role! The world gets weirder.

Recent Film Watches

Again, it’s been two months, so I won’t list all the films we’ve watched in that time here. You can always follow along via the dedicated category. It’s been a bit of a “delving into the archive” month anyway, but here are three films we particularly liked.

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