Trailer Tuesday - Time travel, family drama and singing in the car

Published June 2, 2013

I’ve fallen a bit behind on trailers for upcoming films (or those coming soon to iTunes that I have yet to be aware of). That being the case, here’s a bumper crop of five trailers that recently caught my eye.


A good bout of action, set in the future, with a dystopian Earth and Matt Damon? Sign me up right now. And what do I like just as much as dystopia? Well that would be time travel, and next up there’s a romantic comedy with a time travel element.

About Time

Whilst we’re being all romantic and relationship-y, I am surprisingly intrigued by the oddly entitled August: Osage County, with Julia Roberts. The trials and tribulations (and hilarity!) that ensues when a family reunites.

August: Osage County

I won’t embed the trailers to the next two, but will just mention them here. More family drama comes from Prisoners, which looks like hard viewing, but perhaps worthwhile. I’m also intrigued by Don Jon - the trailer itself gets off to a hideously repetitive start, but builds to become intriguing. I love the bit with him singing in the car. It’s written, directed and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and appears to have some rather brilliant accents in it.

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