The Archers - May 2013

Published June 5, 2013

Here’s my random thoughts, in no particular order, about events in Ambridge in May:

Kirsty boosts Tom’s morale when he really needs it, let’s hope he’s not going to have any rebound feelings in that direction. It would just be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Josh gets a loan from his parents so he can buy a share in the chicken business, which puts Pip’s nose out of joint. She gets a reprieve from them, and still barely manages to spit out her thanks. It made her feel slightly better to beat her brother in the Single Wicket Competition, and I thought it was a fun coming together of characters to hear her complaining about brothers to Ed.

I had thought the Lilian/Matt/Paul thing was coming towards a conclusion now that Matt was in the know. He got an incompetent fool to do some menacing, but other than that seems to be just spending his time being nice to Lilian. I assume he is still plotting though. On her side, she’s starting to see Paul for the manipulative liar and grump he seems to be, and yet she still seems to be interested. If a guy really did just abandon me on the side of a road, I’m not sure I’d ever return his calls again. Does she really need this in her life?

Oh, and was it really only this month that Elona and Darrell split up? It seems like ages. Jennifer has been huffing and puffing around trying to sort out cover for Peggy, who doesn’t want anyone else. Talking of Jennifer, how much did I enjoy her trying to avoid Jim? Loitering outside the shop and everything.

The big Bridge Farm sale was scuppered briefly by a reactor in the TB tests, but ultimately it came to nothing and the herd auction was allowed to go ahead.

Helen’s upfront nature with her boyfriend scares him right off. I wonder if she will tell the next boyfriend about the way Henry was conceived or if she has been scared off that truth.

I liked Clarrie’s birthday surprise of the seaside coming to her, although I’m not 100% sure why she couldn’t go to it. Having her sister come visit was the icing on the cake, lovely stuff.

It seems as though we’re going to have some Highland Games fun soon! Or is all the fun in the build-up?

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