The Archers - April 2013

Published May 7, 2013

Helen persuades her mum and dad to think seriously about Tom’s proposal, and after a bit of debate, Pat eventually comes round. The timing couldn’t be better, as they agree to sell the cows and make all his dreams come true just as Brenda decides to break his heart. I thought the break-up was done very well, although slightly weird. Am I the only one who thought it odd they still slept in the same bed for a week after deciding to split up? Eventually they moved out, and as it finally did start to dawn on Tom that his relationship was over, well I did start to feel sorry for him.

The whole storyline with Darrell and Neil, the dogfighting, the police and the shooting was not to my taste. I thought the shooting was a bit overdone - we’ve had so much violence of late, did we need another cliffhanger like that? Thankfully, Neil wasn’t too badly hurt and weakling Darrell got away with it. The perpetrators were rounded up and arrested, so hopefully that’s an end of it. I’m not sure I had any fondness for the Makepeace family, but I have less than ever now, and Elona’s determination to get a divorce did not surprise me in the slightest.

I’ve been disappointed with Anita Dobson so far, she’s just been on the phone telling Paul to get lost, over and over again. You’d think the guy could take a hint, but apparently not. Although, when he was meeting Lilian at the flat and got all angry about nothing, I think we got a glimpse of what he’s really like. He’s been so nice to Lilian up to this point that it was both a surprise, and also predictable - no one can be that thoughtful and nice all the flipping time! Thankfully, Matt has got wind that Lilian is lying about something, so maybe we will see an end to this nonsense!

Nic and Will announced their pregnancy, approaching Clarrie and Eddie with the good news. Of course, then she has to tell Emma who doesn’t do a good job at hiding her disdain for the announcement. She disguises it with feigned concern for George and how he will take it, but in the end she’s just bitter. The wonderful Clarrie steps in, reassuring Nic and telling Emma what’s what. They are amicable again for now, but this will rear its head again soon, I’m sure.

Other bits and pieces:

  • Pip! There just aren’t any words for how ridiculous she is. She lies to her parents, gets in another row, crashes her car and then strops off because they won’t buy her a new one. Just unbelievable.
  • Chris and Alice decided not to talk about Canada for even longer than necessary, but eventually came to a decision. He said they should go, she said they shouldn’t, so they won’t. She even cleared the air with her boss, which made me feel it was slightly too neat an ending to that particular storyline. But, I guess, sometimes life does work out.
  • Ifty goes for dinner with Elizabeth and risks a kiss. Despite the fact she has been playing along quite nicely, she decides she’s not quite ready. Slightly unfair but he’s nice and understanding about it.
  • Helen also goes on a date with a nice guy called Jonathan. Where this may go is unclear.
  • There was a great episode with a WI meeting, where a mother, and son with Down’s syndrome, came to speak to a willing audience. It was nice to hear the some of the talk and the reaction.
  • Josh tries to buy the hen business from Neil and Hayley. They turn him down because he’s too young, but are impressed with him. He just keeps on showing Pip up at the moment… but presumably will also take a turn for the teenage soon.
  • I am so intrigued to find out how the interview with Brian comes out. It’s clearly going to be something special - Jim had no desire to interview Brian previously, and it is his last piece so he has nothing to lose!
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