Basic oaty, syrupy, deliciousy flapjack

Published April 25, 2013

I am quite behind on talking of my recent bakes, but equally, you haven’t missed that much. I have discovered the Basil iPad app for keeping track of the recipes I like, and spent some time importing all the recipes I’ve tried, noticing that a lot of them come from the BBC. I’ve also been looking at the GoodFood (BBC) magazine available on the Newsstand. Perhaps I need to spread my wings a bit!

Anyway, at the start of the month, I tried out something nice and simple - plain, but delicious flapjacks. I’ve tried flapjacks before but here I wanted to go back to basics, without the fruit. Lorraine Pascale delivered with a brilliant recipe that makes scrummy, chewy flapjacks that went down a storm in our house.


The only issue I had was that I baked the flapjack in a square tin, and the edges were more well done than the middle, and once they had cooled it was impossible to eat those bits. I tried the recipe twice, the second time I lowered the cooking time but somehow the problem was even worse!

Anyway, it’s a problem that can be overcome, and will just require some experimentation. This is definitely a recipe I’ll be making again, but not any time soon as we may have overdone it on the flapjack front.

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