No flaps or jacks, as far as I can tell

Published March 12, 2011

I had some leftover oats from the apple trifles I attempt, and suddenly realised that the ideal way to use them up was to make some flapjack. Mr C is keen on flapjack and making sweet treats always makes me popular in the household.

After perusing some recipes, I became aware how amazingly easy flapjack is. Equal quantities of sugar and butter, some golden syrup, throw in the oats and raisins, bake and cool.

The result is pure yum.


I think they went down well, too.

The only problem I have is that I made the flapjacks to use up leftover oats, but now I have leftover syrup and leftover raisins. The only solution is to make more, and I fear this may be a never-ending flapjack circle. Mr C would probably approve.

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