2012 Wk 46 to 52 - Year's end

Published December 30, 2012

The final few weeks of the year haven’t really gone as I had planned. I didn’t manage to complete a 10k in December, which is disappointing but not surprising. The weather has been terrible, either freezing cold or torrential rain. I’m not a completely fair-weather runner, but it’s hard to get the motivation when it is both dark AND raining.

I had planned to make the most of my holiday over Christmas to go out several times, but of course, I have got this stupid cold. I went for a run on Boxing Day, and that was that.

I was also going to post an update to the average pace graph I shared earlier in the year, but it turns out that the line goes up, and then levels off. So not much progress on that front either.

To look back on this year, I can only really say that I managed to achieve a 10k which is great, but it’s mostly been a bit of an aimless wandering year. Next year will probably be the same, but I decided that in my travels, I’d go for another goal.

Fitness goal 500k

In 2012, I ran nearly 450k, so it’s not totally out of the question and will just require a bit more dedication. I’ll be blogging my progress, naturally, although I’m not going to attempt the weekly schedule that I tried at the start of this year. The title of this post makes it clear that the weekly writing schedule didn’t quite work. It’s meant to be motivating and keeping me accountable, but constantly writing “not much progress” doesn’t help!

Anyway, 2013 is almost upon us, so here’s to a runhappy year!

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