2012 Wk 10, Working on the averages

Published March 18, 2012

Back to running again, which was a good feeling. The first run back was great! I thought it would be tough, but as it turns out, it was pretty much exactly the same as the one I left off with - and that was a good one!

Running graph

I had intended to go out today, but it’s been a bit of a busy and mixed up weekend - what with the start of the F1 season. After an extended nap this morning, it suddenly started bucketing down outside. I figured I could probably leave the running for another day!

Meanwhile, I’ve been exporting my Runkeeper stats into a spreadsheet, and made a fancy graph of my average pace each month that I’ve been using the site.

Running graph

It looks like it’s heading in the right direction, so I am happy with that!

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