Superman moves with the times

Published November 26, 2012

I stumbled across a post on a while back and I thought it was fascinating. Apparently, DC Comics are going to have Superman storm out of the Daily Planet, preferring to take his chances in the online journalism world with his own blog.

I had never really thought about the fact that Superman/Clark Kent as a journalist in the Daily Planet was starting to be a bit old school. Although, having said that, the appearance of the Daily Bugle in Spider-Man did seem a bit out of place - much as I loved the snarky editor.

As the Wired post points out though, blogging itself as a medium is already starting to be a bit old hat, not the cutting edge move you might hope from the man of steel.

Presumably we can look forward to a whole range of hi-tech, up-to-date plot arcs, like Superman struggling to unsubscribe from a free AOL dial-up trial, or reconnecting with Lana Lang through Friends Reunited, or asking Jeeves for recommendations to local restaurants.

It’s fun to see this kind of development in the story though, it sort of goes hand in hand with my complaints about the films always going back to the origins. These comic book tales are always moving forward, I suppose they have to move with the times as well.

I wish I read the comics themselves to be able to follow things like this. I love the concept of comics, their collectability and serial stories, although that sometimes works against them with me as I do so like to start things at the beginning. I’ve tried to get into comics a few times but never with much success. I know there are great digital ways to read now, so perhaps I’ll have another look in the future.

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