Published October 14, 2012


Film info

  • Title Spider-Man
  • Director Sam Raimi
  • Year 2002
  • Run time 2hrs 1m
  • Genres Fantasy, Action
  • Tagline Go for the ultimate spin

Average teenager Peter Parker is transformed into an extraordinary super hero after he is accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider. When his beloved uncle is savagely murdered during a robbery, young Peter vows to use his powers to avenge his death. Deeming himself Spider-Man, he sets about ridding the streets of crime, bringing him into conflict with malevolent super-villain Green Goblin.

Fast Facts

Title: Spider-Man Director: Sam Raimi Year: 2002 Run time: 2hrs 1m

Background Info

We’ve both seen this one before, but with the new Spiderman film rapidly approaching, we wanted to recap what had already been done - so as to more easily compare and contrast. I think I’ve seen the second one, but I don’t think I saw the third. We intend to watch all three!

Live Blog

1:00 - Credits that include lots of spider webs won’t intice the arachnophobes to the film. But then would they watch Spiderman anyway? 2:11 - Long ol' credits. 4:17 - These people don’t even look like kids, they are far too old! 7:47 - He seems like a cool teacher. 9:19 - “Let’s go talk about how we listen.” 12:29 - Then the only possible option is to test it on himself! Obvs. 14:58 - I’m a bit worried that the spider is still out there. It could bite someone else. 21:47 - It’s like The Hangover… piecing together what happened the night before. Only in this case it was stealing gliders and killing people. 27:55 - He’s drawing an awful lot of attention to himself. Not very good at this secret identity business. 31:36 - “You’re taller than you look,” is up there with “Is it raining?” 38:21 - Oh dear. He landed on that table on his head. And this kind of wrestling isn’t pretend. 41:45 - I love how fickle the crowd are. Chanting Spiderman straight away. That’s my kind of crowd! 44:38 - RAGE! 46:01 - I’ve always wanted to know how his wrist knows to let go of one when he’s about to swing to the other. 54:43 - How does Spiderman find the people doing bad things? He doesn’t have that weird radar that Superman does, does he? 56:13 - There’s nothing quite like ye olde newspaper editor. 1:01:46 - I would watch a whole film about this newspaper man. 1:04:44 - Bonus Macy Gray! 1:09:54 - Jeez, MJ screams an awful lot. 1:17:46 - “In spite of everything you’ve done for them, eventually they will hate you.” 1:21:04 - He said the same words in Peter’s voice and she still didn’t flinch. Does she need a neon sign? 1:31:52 - Horrible yellow eyes, see, no good ever came of yellow. 1:36:19 - That’s an awesome evil laugh Defoe has. It’s like Thriller awesome. 1:45:41 - It’s true. This film does have some of the worst dialogue ever. 1:47:11 - More rage. 1:49:36 - In hindsight, that was a terrible plan anyway, because it always would have hit him even if it had hit Spiderman as well. 1:56:04 - Liiiiightbullllb.


I remember this film being a lot better than it was on a second viewing. The dialogue is shockingly bad, some of the worst I’ve heard in a long while. The acting leaves quite a lot to be desired, and given it’s age, half the CGI doesn’t really stand up to the test of time. But, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it. It’s still a good, fun way to spend a couple of hours. It does make me nervous about the other two though!

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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