Trailer Tuesday - That miscast renegade hero

Published October 23, 2012

It’s been said over and over, but Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is plain odd. I haven’t read the books in a long while, so I’m not really able to pass judgement fully, but I know that deep down it doesn’t seem right.

There’s a new trailer which puts a different spin on things, because it looks like a really good film!

Jack Reacher

If I suspend the disbelief of having read the character, this is definitely a movie I want to watch. I don’t quite understand the logic of Tom Cruise setting up the option to walk away from the Mission Impossible franchise, only to start what could be another very lengthy tenure, but you never know whether these films are going to be popular or not.

I like the conversation on the phone. He’s not a hero… except he is, just a little bit.

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