Temple Run - Like running around in a Tomb Raider movie

Published October 8, 2012

Temple Run

I know I am very far behind to have only just discovered Temple Run. In fact, I saw the Brave tie-in before I saw the actual game, and because I haven’t seen Brave, I instantly dismissed it. I can’t remember why I suddenly decided to download it, but I was reading through some news feeds and they talked of other games of a similar nature to Temple Run. I opted to head back to the original and download it to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s completely and utterly addictive. Usually, I try to avoid the time suck games because I really should be doing more productive things. I managed to avoid Angry Birds for a long, long time, and when I did finally have a go (at the F1 tie-in, I think), I wasn’t that interested in it after all. This, however, I could play forever.

Temple Run

I first downloaded it on my iPad, which I played while I was under the weather recently and needed something mindless but entertaining. Step up non-stop running, jumping over obstacles and collecting as many coins as possible. Eventually, I had to give it up because the iPad is just too heavy to move about the way you have to (it’s not too taxing, but leaning left and right becomes hard work with the weight of the iPad behind it). I gave it up for a day, and then when I was bored of a moment with just my iPhone for company, I downloaded the game again.

With a much lighter device, it really could be endless play. Where I think you could get bored of the game, the objectives keep it interesting. They are the type to keep you playing on, whilst there are also upgrades you can buy in the store (with coins won in the game, or coins purchased out of your own pocket), and it all helps you keep on keeping on.

Overall, it’s the kind of game that you can’t really sell to someone else just by talking about it: “You run and swipe to jump and it gets faster and harder and then you will eventually run into a tree or fall down a hole.” But it’s good fun, doesn’t take much in the way of effort and is easy to pick up and put down at will. The pause button also has a three second countdown when you resume, which is very useful!

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