The Archers - July 2012

Published August 4, 2012

This month the troubles at Brookfield came to an apparent end, so towards the end of July we had a glimpse of other impending storylines and a reminder that there are other people in Ambridge too! But, of course, the fire at Brookfield farm really was the key point of the last few weeks and still has some repercussions to come.

Fired up

At first, everyone was abandoning the farm - the kids were whisked away, Ed was off on a course meaning Emma left to stay with her mum. But after another scare, they all piled back again and that’s when the trouble was bound to happen. The fire scenes were tense, although Emma’s relentless screaming of her son’s name did grate by the end.

Afterwards, she put two and two together to decide that her Uncle Keith was one of the gang and she called Crimestoppers! That’s causing friction within her own family, Tracey being very vocal about her distaste of her niece’s actions. I was surprised when Susan said to Emma that she had “done this before” when convinced her unborn child was Ed’s. What does that have to do with anything?

Anyway, since the fire, it’s all been quiet about Brookfield. No word on the gang, or the intimidation, or anything. It feels as though it’s been left dangling, but no doubt the resolution will be in the next few days. This must be the end of the road for the gang though, what else can possibly happen?


There’s odd things occurring with Adam, Ian and an unlikely third wheel of Pawel. The lead picker has had a few enjoyable conversations with Ian, then felt wise enough to dispense his advise to Adam. When plans went awry and Brian had to push Adam to return to support the dairy idea, Adam gave him an emphatic no. Without talking to Ian first. Their argument was fascinating, I am naturally on Ian’s side, but what will happen between this seemingly unbreakable pair?

Older, not wiser

At the very end of the month, we overheard the news that Vicky is pregnant. I’m not sure how old she is supposed to be, I think quite a bit younger than Mike, but it wasn’t a baby she thought would be the reason for feeling under the weather. Whilst I’m sure the baby storyline is more dramatic, and has shown a surprisingly nice side of Brenda, I think it might have been more interesting for it to simply be a case of Vicky getting older and dealing with everything that brings. Her conversation with Lynda was great, goodness knows what everyone’s favourite busybody will think of this news! Still, at least now we know why they were having such chats about retirement and stuff. It wasn’t Mike’s death on the cards. Quite the opposite!

In smaller Ambridge news, I much enjoyed Ruari wanting and getting one of Eddie’s terrible statues. The Community Games seemed very underwhelming considering what a build up they had. Fallon and Harry and Jazzer in a mini-van holiday together. That will be an experience!

Across the globe

Ambridge Extra is back and taking to foreign climes as we follow Phoebe and her adventures in South Africa. Hideous Kate is seemingly fed up with family life again and not happy with an impending move so she starts an affair with her colleague/boss who is clearly only out for what he can get. It’s all a bit embarrassing, but when Phoebe finds out, things get really serious.

She gets in a rogue cab (something foreshadowed almost every episode with mentions of specific cab numbers and not staying out after dark), but is rescued by Lukas. She comes home early, and - as I suspected - is taken aback by the changes in her room. It was always bound to be a tricky transition, so the awkward homecoming may just require time for her to settle back in.

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