2012 Wk 29 & 30 – Olympic inspiration or desperation

Published August 6, 2012

Firstly, I can’t quite understand where the last two weeks have gone. These are meant to be weekly updates but they keep turning into fortnightly ones because the days are escaping me.

It felt like it was going to be a really good week/fortnight for running this time, although now I look back I didn’t go nearly as much as I had thought! After running on Sunday, I also went out for two thirty minute runs, one on the Monday and one on the Wednesday. I had planned to go again on Friday, but didn’t. I don’t remember specifically why - but let’s lay the blame on the Olympics.

It is, in turns, both inspiring and utterly depressing watching the athletics from London 2012. I’m so impressed with what these people can do, and it makes me want to try a bit harder and be a bit better. But then I look at the guys and girls doing a 10k and realise that it takes me an entire hour longer than them to get round!

Part of me wonders how fast/slow I would run 100m, but I am much too scared to find out!

Back to reality, I’m finding that listening to audiobooks and dramas and suchlike is one of the better options for me. It’s distracting when you get hooked into what is happening and you forget that you’re running. The only thing, I think, is that sometimes I get so engrossed I really do forget I’m running and settle back into an even slower pace than normal. That’s my excuse for now, anyway.

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