We need a funny guy like that sometimes

Published May 16, 2012

I gave up my Franck blog because there was just no information about him out there. However, every now and again, something so fabulous comes along that I wish I still had the dedicated space to write about him. Good content makes it easy to forget the long periods of silence. But hey, I already have a blog and this will do very nicely indeed.

After Peugeot unceremoniously quit their endurance racing programme and dumped all their drivers, the guys have been scrabbling to find other work. Franck was recently announced as a Level 5 Motorsport man, and he raced at Laguna Seca this past weekend for his new team.

I don’t know much about the team, but they do make some great video.

I love the way he says development. They did a really nice compilation of updates from before and during the race too.

Cracks me up that Franck drives two cars, wins his class and finishes second overall and that is still not good enough. If it’s not a full-on win, it’s nothing. He’ll try not to think about the accident midway through. Uh huh, sure you won’t dwell on it at all.

Anyway, best bits of the second video:

  1. So much Franck!
  2. The dancing. Oh, the dancing. You can tell that driver is totally not impressed with the “funny guy.”
  3. “That was the first time for Franck to get in the 95 car and he did thirty minutes and put it straight on P1.”

More of this please, particularly as the video is well made and fascinating, with or without bonus Franck.

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