The Archers - April 2012

Published May 2, 2012

This month, I’ve gone day by day again. I like to do it occasionally, because it makes me realise just how much does go on in Ambridge, despite the fact it doesn’t feel like it!

1st - Tom needs Jazzer to do some extra hours because of all the dreaded paperwork. A glimpse at what being an adult is really like! More on Amy’s new boyfriend. They dropped in all the Ambridge Extra story in one minute. Weird.

2nd - Tony wants to help in the office but is advised to “sit back with his books”. It sounds nice and relaxing to me. The BL board are still waffling about their public appearance.

3rd - Tony worried about Tom and vice versa. People chatting about recreation fields, they want some land from BL but Jill is not keen on using their guilt to get it.

4th - David: “These days, if it isn’t online, it isn’t real.” Forced politeness between Brian and Adam.

5th - Jennifer popping in to see Alice all the time. A moment in the forge. Brian abandons dinner for a row with Rufus. Who’s Rufus? Tom agrees to let Tony do something. Patronising!

6th - Tom finds admin for the veg boxes for Tony, whilst Brian gets to do a rebuttal in the Echo.

8th - Helicopter flight for James and Leonie. Big Easter lunch for Pat and family. Veg boxes not enough for Tony. Brenda unhappy with how much time Tom is spending working.

9th - James and Leonie bickering something terrible. Girls on the cricket team! Posing for the helicoptor going over. Morris dancers!

10th - Robert is worried about James and snippy Leonie. Tom forgets his phone. Usha and Alan are going off on holiday. Carl is taking Amy away for the weekend. Pat wants Ed to take sides on the megadairy.

11th - Jennifer does Alice’s washing up. (This is not helping my ‘stuff does happen’ theory.) Ed decides not to get involved because he rents land from BL.

12th - Pip worried about something with the calves. Ifty arrives for the cricket. Lent is over and Jim returns to meanness. Yay!

13th - Tom discovers their quad bike is missing. They have quad bikes? And Tony has an MG?

15th - Leonie leaves James and comes to stay with Robert. Brian’s video causes a bit of a stir. Linda is being very understanding with Leonie. Perhaps too understanding?

16th - Amy gets back from a great night away, whilst Alan and Usha get back from holiday. Adam won’t be going to the meeting.

17th - Another flipping meeting about the dairy. They get their planning permission.

18th - Lynda and Lillian arguing on behalf of James and Leonie. More stuff about Elona and her money woes.

19th - Leonie really is an ungrateful cow. Robert tries to be tactful but she’s not budging an inch.

20th - If Amy is trying to hide her boyfriend away, taking him to Jaxx doesn’t seem like such a good plan.

22nd - Brian gets injured moments after saying “I can handle a little lamb!”

23rd - Carl meets the family. Brenda and Tom have a relaxing day together and she suggests putting the ready meals on hold for a while.

24th - Tony isn’t using the new software the way Tom wants. Peggy gets involved because she likes computers. She had computer lessons in the pub, I recall.

25th - Chris’ van was broken into. Thieves in the village! Jennifer irritating Alice again. Usha bumps into Carl somewhere and it turns out he is married.

26th - Adam all unconscious. Jennifer uncharacteristically tells Brian to answer the phone when she’s usually telling him to stop working.

27th - Brian was injured by a cow before? I approve of angry Ian. Usha about to tell Alan about Carl but Ruth interrupts about Adam. Why do people keep picking up the phone? The family gather round, anyways.

29th - Usha trying to tell Alan about Carl. The family still gathering around Adam.

30th - Usha tells Ruth and they suddenly decide that Amy knows that he is married! Oh and Adam wakes up.

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