2012 Wk 16 & 17, Distraction helps get back on track

Published May 6, 2012

I’m getting a bit fed up of saying “well, this week I didn’t run much” but it turns out to have been another fortnight of frustration. What with family things, work things, and trying to find the right combination of time, weather and energy, I’m just about getting back on top of it.

So, last week there was just one run on Monday, and this week I also went out on the Monday. I was starting to think that would be all I would do and it would be a disappointing week, but then the weekend arrived.

The next workout on my 10k was another 5 miles so I wasn’t prepared to do that on Saturday, after having so many days off. Instead, I plugged in the new Zombies Run app and tried the first mission of that. I’ll write more about it in a separate post, I think, but it allowed for a really fun and free half hour run. The story being told was a good distraction, and I didn’t have the two minute updates to bother me about how fast I was going.

It was so good, in fact, that I was ready to go again the very next day (today). So, I ran the 5 miles and I did it better than the first time.

Running Graph

There was just one moment in the run where it felt tough and that was at about 6km. I thought to myself: “If the woman doesn’t say 6k in the next update, I’m going to have to stop.” And the silly woman didn’t, it was just 5.8 or something. I ignored my desire to stop though and carried on, getting to the end.


It’s easy to say it now, but I feel good about getting more runs in this coming week. We’ll see if that actually turns out to be the case.

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