Radio in The Office

Published May 21, 2012

I’ve dabbled in internet radio for a long time, never a religious listener but always happy to give it a go. I wrote previously about how much I was enjoying Absolute’s variety of online streaming options - select your preferred musical decade and listen away, safe in the knowledge you’ll get none of that “noise” of today.

A new station has crossed my path over the last few weeks, and it’s called The Office on Presumably, it’s intended for people to listen to as they get productive and every time we switch it on, I am amazed at the great selection of songs. There are very few that I don’t know or don’t like, they’re all catchy but not overly so and it creates some great background listening. There also seems to be a lack of presenter and just a few adverts scattered here and there. All a bonus when it comes to radio stations.

I was so impressed that I went to the website to donate a little. It’s not the classiest design, but it seems as though they run a lot of different “channels” of station, so there’s bound to be something you’ll like. I am so happy with The Office at the moment, that I’ve even fired up my TuneIn Radio app on my iPhone and attempted listening to and from work. I don’t always get the best coverage, but it’s still fun to try every now and again.

I highly recommend the station if you are relaxing of an evening, or getting some website-style work done. Although, I should point out that I like 90% of the songs on there, and most people don’t think my taste in music is up to much. So be warned!

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