2012 Wk 19, Is there room for relaxation and complacency?

Published May 20, 2012

I was a bit late posting the last update, so it feels like only five minutes ago I was writing about being rubbish at running. But here I am back again to talk some more! This week I managed three runs, so we’re back to the minimum that I should be doing, although I still want to do more.

It has been three shorter runs this week, though. As mentioned last time, I’m falling into the clutches of going out for just thirty minutes at a time during the week, as the 10k workout requires longer distances and I don’t have the evening hours to spare.

So, the Monday outing was a Zombies Run one, still enjoying the app but slightly worried that it makes me a bit complacent about running. I mean, I know the zombies are chasing me and all, but it feels more relaxed than the Runkeeper Class, and I’m not sure if that’s always a good thing.

The second one, I opted for a thirty minute run, to see if I could improve my pace again.

Running Graph

It’s not quite as good as some of the previous ones where I was solely doing thirty minutes at a time. I got to 3.60km one time, but this isn’t too bad.

I was going to head out again on Saturday but I’ve developed a bit of a niggle in the thigh. It’s fine wandering about the house but going up and down stairs is pretty painful. I had planned to do the next lesson in the Runkeeper class but today I figured I’d just go for another Zombies Run mission and wait for the thigh to work itself out.

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