2012 Wk 13 & 14 - Double weeks, double distance

Published April 15, 2012

I didn’t write an update last week because I got a bit mixed up with the days, given the two bank holidays. Before I knew it, it was Tuesday, and I figured it could wait for a double update today.

I’ve also not been running as much as I would have liked, after some rather busy days followed by some more reluctant days. I’m still working through the 10k class, and have completed four runs in two weeks. Not great, but there’s still forward progress.

The first run was one of those where it is a distance (3 miles) followed by some intervals of running faster and then slower. I’d forgotten about intervals, and whilst they are fun enough, it’s tough to do them at the end of what is already about as far as I can run!

The next two runs were mostly forgettable, although one of them I managed to complete in what started out as sunny conditions and gradually turned to hail. I don’t think I’ve run in hail before and it certainly motivated me to increase my pace. For that run, I was doing an 8:13m average pace. Unheard of.

Then came a big run. The distance was 5 miles, or just over 8km, and I put it off. I didn’t want to do it so any excuse was good enough. Eventually, I wanted to go running and knew I just had to get on with it, so yesterday, I did the deed.

Running graph

It wasn’t particularly consistent, and it certainly wasn’t fast, but that was my longest distance to date. I feel quite proud of myself, although my legs are a bit creaky today. There are two more 5 mile runs in the workout (not one after the other!) so hopefully I can increase the pace a little, but I’m just glad to be creeping closer to the 10k target.

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