The Killing II - Episodes 6 to 10

Published December 28, 2011

The Killing 2

I managed to finish watching the last five episodes of The Killing and have spent a little while pondering the entire prospect. Firstly, it wasn’t until I had embarked on the second half of the series that I realised it was only ten episodes - half the length of the previous outing. That being the case, the end felt quite abrupt. I had been anticipating something a little more drawn out, and then suddenly it was all ramping up to the big finale.

Having said that, it did make sense in this case for things to happen a bit faster. The stakes were a lot higher and people were dying far more quickly. It was a shame that we missed out on the delicious and tantalising pace of the first series but I was quite glad not to have to find 20 hours to dedicate to subtitles.

We still had plenty of twists and turns to contend with. The politics half of the story was very similar to series one - in that I couldn’t really follow it all. The last two episodes in particular were practically impossible for me to follow, and all I could gather was that right at the end, Thomas did something that the girl disapproved of. It was all in the looks, you know.

On the murder mystery side of things, the culprit had actually been pointed out a lot earlier in the series, and thus it wasn’t a surprise when it finally turned out that way. I think for most people it was more of a disappointment than a surprise. I know in my last post I was discussing how good it would be to see Lund develop her relationship with Strange. Well, the relationship certainly developed - but only if you count pointing and shooting guns at each other.

It was disappointing on so many levels - not in terms of writing, acting, or the over-arching storyline - but in terms of poor Lund. What has she left now? She has lost most of her family, it couldn’t be more awkward with her son, she has nothing to say to her boss because he didn’t believe her, and she’s now been responsible for the death of not one but two of her partners.

How can she get over this? We know there is a third series of The Killing but how can she possibly rally from this?

Overall, I enjoyed the series. It didn’t have quite the gripping intensity of the first but was still a step above other dramas of a similar ilk. I’m still pining after a jumper as well.

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