Lip synching but not as you know it

Published December 31, 2011

One of the intriguing things about the LibriVox project is that all the works are from the public domain and all the recordings are put straight back in there as well. Hundreds of recordings are completed and head straight into the public domain for anyone to do anything with. It’s a decision that creates plenty of debate over in the forums, but is ultimately a good one. The works are there for the greater good, and shouldn’t be locked up behind copyright.

Having said all that, I never imagined that anyone would want to do anything with the stuff I read. I don’t pride myself on being a fantastic fiction orator, I just like to read out loud and hope that it doesn’t upset too many people along the way.

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Julio, who said he had used one of my chapters as a project - working on  automatic lip synching. It’s an oddly hypnotic video, I suspect the mouth could do with a few more states rather than just open or closed, but hey, look how smiley I am! Embedding is disabled but if you fancy having a peek do head on over and see the remarkably wide eyes.

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