The Archers - November 2011

Published December 6, 2011

It seems to be a time for history to start catching up with the villagers in Ambridge this month, with all kinds of long-lost relatives being unearthed and rediscovered. First up in the main show, it’s all about Pat, Tony, Helen, Tom and what could be their new grandson/nephew. After Kylie appeared at the funeral for Ivy, she started talking about a brother and Pat got very suspicious.

I don’t know who Kylie or Sharon are. I don’t really care that they have another relation at all. But Pat wouldn’t let it drop, and after stalking the poor chap on Facebook has decided he looks the spitting image of her deceased son John and therefore must be his. This all seems very sensationalist for a soap like The Archers. It’s not like Pat and Tony didn’t have enough going on at the moment. What with Helen and her baby, plus the Bridge Farm brand going down the tubes, they seem to have dominated most of this year.

I dread to think what will happen if the teenager does turn out to be a relation of theirs, but I’m sure we will find out soon enough.

In the spin-off, Ambridge Extra, it was all getting quite disgusting and creepy as Daniel made moves on his love interest Erin. She seems to be a bit more partial to the older Alistair, and he is trying to convince himself that it’s all in his head. To distract from that, there was some fun and games as Matt finally got rid of Clive by playing him at his own game, and then, towards the end of the month Usha and Alan started turning up.

I must say, of all the people I’d want to hear inside thoughts from, I’d probably put them bottom of the list. Nevertheless, they have a story to tell and it has something to do with some letters, and someone called Mabel. Again, these are back stories I barely know of, but I suspect it will all be revealed - particularly if the story makes the transition to the big time.

In other news, Will and Nic are still planning their wedding, whilst Clarrie and Eddie celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary. It was properly lovely that everyone got together in the pub to help raise a glass to the occasion. Brian approached David about supplying the mega-dairy, and then David got an earful from Ruth about it. The phrase “don’t shoot the messenger” has never been more apt. She would have been mad if he didn’t tell her about it too!

Finally, Lynda has had to tweak her plans for the Christmas show and has made it all cabaret instead, whilst the disappearance of Clive means that Jim can finally leave Christine home alone. Neither of them sounded too keen about it. Bless.

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