Ever decreasing circles

Published December 4, 2011

It’s starting to get quite tricky, and motivation to go out is hard. I gave it some thought and decided that the couple of weeks when I first stopped running quite so regularly were good because my body was like: “Oh, cool, I’m nice and rested, I’ll go faster.” Then, give it a few more weeks, and my body is now: “Oh, wait, you want me to go out? But I’m so used to inside!”

Last week, I had two days off work, so I thought I would manage to go out on Thurs or Friday, and then my usual weekend run as well. That didn’t occur. It was just a Friday run for me.

Running graph

Not great really, but could have been a lot worse. I know I felt as though I wanted to give up a few times but made sure not to do that.

Roll on this week, and I wasn’t keen on going out, but when I finally did get my shoes laced up, the actual running part felt okay. It wasn’t any faster, but it felt much better as I went around.

Running graph

Almost an identical run, really.

So, at this point, I have to keep it in mind that I am just in maintenance mode. I don’t have the time, daylight hours, or strength to do any more at the moment, and I am simply trying to keep my body aware of what outside is like and what it is to go running. I’m doing more than I did last winter, and I have to keep that in mind even when I can feel the fitness disintegrating and all my hard work over the summer falling by the wayside.

As I was running today, I was a bit frustrated at having to avoid so many slippery leaves and mud from it just generally being autumn. I wonder what it’s like to run around an actual track. Round and round in circles could be boring, but at least you know there are no pesky hills and you can be sure of your footing. Maybe one day I’ll have a go.

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