Trailer Tuesday - Who is the fairest of them all?

Published November 15, 2011

In Time

This concept seems very intriguing - not quite the time travel that I love so much, but using time as a unit of currency instead. I’ve never quite been convinced of Justin Timberlake in the lead role, but he was good in the Social Network, so I can’t hold his Michael Jackson dance moves against him. The three women of different generations all looking the same freaks me out just a little bit though.

The Hunger Games

I’ve read the books, and really liked the first one, so I’m intrigued about how the film will turn out. Oddly, the trailer is pretty much how I imagined it as I was reading it, and that doesn’t happen very often. Except for Peeta who I never pictured as a blonde chap, although that is how he is drawn on the covers. It remains to be seen how faithful it will actually be to the books but the early signs look good.

Snow White and the Huntsman

When I first saw this trailer, I didn’t know what it was for, and I thought… this sounds suspiciously like the story of Snow White. Ah ha! I don’t quite get the huntsman part of it, but it seems to be the exact story of Snow White with more emphasis on tracking down the beautiful young girl and the chase of doing so. I’m not sure I’ve seen Kristen Stewart in anything, and I can’t say I’m convinced from the trailer. I’m not sure this is something I’m keen on watching, but equally… there’s something intriguing about it.

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