These boots were made for walking, apparently

Published November 14, 2011

After last week’s experiment/disaster, I was back on my home turf this weekend. I didn’t manage to run at all during the week like I had hoped. It was a week full of sleepless nights and so early mornings were something of a no-no. I find myself sitting at work and dreaming of how good it will feel to have done a workout for the day. The reality is something far different.

Nevertheless, the weekly run is still going strong, and it still felt like a treat. That is, until I decided to push really hard at the end.

Running graph

Once again, this is the fastest I’ve run a 5k, and as I sped up towards the end, I think I confused the app. I was hoping to slip under the 42 minute mark, but stopped the app at 5k and 42:06. Disappointing. Imagine my surprise, then, to find the actual result was actually that little bit more. Still, better to find you have run further than you thought than the other way round.

It was a better week, and I feel like I’m making progress, but it was also a week in which I discovered the micoach app from Adidas. It looks amazing, with highly personalised workouts, but as I was putting in my information, it asked how fast you went. Times between 8:30 and 9mins per kilometre were classed as walking. That was what I was doing until very recently, and still sometimes do on a bad day. It makes me wonder if I should ever have bothered running, and just spent this whole time walking instead.

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