Putting the story into motorsport

Published November 24, 2011

This week, Jeffrey Tschiltsch posted a fabulous update on Google+ that pondered the concept of stories within racing games, particularly the new Formula 1 epic from Codemasters. Here’s a sample of Jeffrey’s thoughts:

So after finishing +Christine Blachford’s Between the Lines (Formula Primo Confidential) last night I suddenly realized what Codemasters’ F1 2011 is missing in its career mode: a compelling story line. The generic emails, state-the-obvious “headlines” and contract offers you get throughout your season are a feeble attempt at narrative, and the responses given during the “interviews” really don’t seem to do all that much.

What would be cool for the F1 game is a story line like Between the Lines which didn’t just branch given specific race results but also gave the player a chance to make some key career or personal decisions (sort of like the reader voting Christine instituted at the end of each Formula Primo chapter as she was creating the story).

It’s a really interesting thought. F1 in real life has plenty of storylines that are created from rivalries, interactions between teams and reactions to incidents on track. None of that really transfers to the small screen, and makes you less invested in a game. An additional story element could make all the difference.

I must admit, I don’t play many racing games as I am absolutely shocking at them, but I loved Jeffrey’s thoughts. Particularly his last one:

Maybe a game based on Formula Primo is what we need?


Read the full post from Jeffrey on Google+ and, of course, check out Between the Lines on Amazon or iTunes.

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