Unexpected Tomb Raider from a lifetime ago

Published October 29, 2011

In my school days, one of my very best friends introduced me to two important things. First, Doritos and dip. Mmm. That’s a staple of our Film Watch evenings these days, so if it wasn’t for that early introduction, I don’t know what we’d be munching on.

The second thing was Tomb Raider. We used to wrap blankets around us, sit on the living room floor, and pass a laptop between each other, working our way through Tomb Raider 2. I may have seen the game thanks to my brothers, but it was the first chance I got to really sit down and play it all the way through. It was brilliant.

Tomb Raider 2

Although I love Lara, I’ve only really invested in TR2 and The Angel of Darkness (which I loved and not very many other people did), both of which I spent far too much time on.

I’m bringing this up now, because Tomb Raider 2 has just appeared on the Mac App Store in its original condition for just over £5. The graphics are a bit blocky in places, but actually it holds up very well, considering it is fifteen years old. As soon as the music started, I got shivers down my spine.

Mr C and I played a few levels together - we seem to complement each other because I have flashes of genius with the game but get frustrated really easily, whilst he has epic patience to retry things and search all over the levels. Plus, it’s great fun to compare notes and reminisce over the game.

When I tweeted about it, Lou said: “Ooh, is that the one with the old man you can put in the freezer?”

Which just proves that as popular as Lara is, the butler is never far behind.

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