Sometimes being called a freak is good!

Published October 25, 2011

I’ve been using the RunKeeper app for a while now, and aside from the odd GPS related issue (mostly to do with my phone), it’s been a dream. Not content with providing me with statistics, maps, graphs and plenty of motivation, RunKeeper went one step further and gave me a platform to share my story.

Tweet from Runkeeper: “In school @mrschristine walked the track because running was too hard. Now she’s racking up kiolometers!”

The RK blog features the inspirational tales from their so-called Fitness Freaks. There have been plenty of amazing stories told, and then somehow, last week, my humble little anecdote was featured. I can’t believe I have officially been branded a Fitness Freak. This is a momentous occasion.

Whilst quite a lot of the recent FF stories have followed some brilliant weight loss goals, mine was more about motivation and using the social side of the site. Here’s a brief excerpt:

I backtracked and signed up for the 5k in 30 minutes FitnessClass instead.

That’s when it all clicked into place. I was enjoying the varied runs and I really liked seeing the feed of what other class members were doing. I haven’t explored the social side of RunKeeper fully yet – I’ve got just one person in my Street Team, and I’ve only commented on a few items – but knowing that other people are doing the same as you is part of what keeps you going.

It’s seeing those who are ahead, those who have fallen behind, those who are faster than me and those who are… well, no, they’re all faster than me. It doesn’t matter the speed, though, we’re all trying to reach the same goal.

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