Getting the most out of Android

Published October 22, 2011

The conversation that kicked off after my post earlier today made me even more sure that I’ve not been trying hard enough with Android. I can’t really stress how much I want to stay on the Android platform, but equally I know for a fact I’d get more use out of the iPhone.

Either way, I’m not going to be splashing out on either for a month or two yet, and that seems like a good period of time to knuckle down and try and get the best out of my Android phone. If I can prove that I can do whatever I want to do with the Desire I already have, then there’s no reason I need to change.

My Android phone, then, is on trial, and I am keen to get all hints, tips and suggestions for how to make life a bit more comfortable with my Froyo phone. What apps am I missing out on? Which third party browser do you use? What day to day tasks do you think Android excels at? Just how do you get your music on the damn thing?

Up to this point, I’ve used RunKeeper, Twitter, Kindle, Google+, Mail and Maps, with iSyncr for getting music on there.

I draw the line at modding my phone, because it’s a whole world I don’t understand and have little desire to learn about. I want the convenience of whatever the manufacturer’s give me, but I’m more than happy to app my way to success!

All thoughts gratefully accepted, and I will promise to try as much as I can - and blog about my progress too, of course!

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