Friday Five - Sweet things I want to bake

Published September 16, 2011

Occasionally, my dad will send me a recipe that he has found and it’s usually for something sweet and delicious. So far, I haven’t made any of them because it’s hard enough to avoid the sweet things that exist already in our house, without adding any more to the mix.

Having said that, there is nothing like window shopping in the cake recipe section of websites, and here are five that I have been drooling over recently.

Homemade Jaffa cakes

I do like a good Jaffa cake, and it has never occurred to me to try and make my own! From the picture (and when do things ever look like they do in the picture?) it seems as though they have a thicker base but also more orange to compensate. I’m very tempted to try and make these.

Guinnes cupcakes

Cupcakes were really in fashion a while ago but it looks like they are less popular than they used to be. I must admit I’ve had the occasional cupcake but they’ve never really been a big passion of mine or anything. Adding Guinness to the recipe might make them more interesting to Mr C, though. We’ve tried adding Red Bull to a muffin bake before, with mixed results. Guinness might be the next step.

Apple crumble cheesecake

I’ll be honest, this does sound like a heart attack on a plate, but also incredibly delicious. I love apple crumble, and I love cheesecake, so why not put the two together? Actually, thinking about it, I like the base of a cheesecake, and I like the crumble part of an apple crumble. Perhaps I should just open a packet of biscuits instead.

Cheesecake brownies

These don’t look very good in the picture, but I’m more than used to food not looking very good when I try and present it and actually tasting a lot better than appearances would have you believe. This is the second of three items where you take an existing bake and throw in cheesecake to the recipe just because you can.

Raspberry cheesecake cupcakes

Another item with cheesecake added into the name to try and make it more exciting. I’m not sure if these aren’t just mini cheesecakes, though, because there isn’t all that much cupcake content. If it’s just the frilly pattern that makes something a cupcake, then that raises a lot more questions.

All in all, these all look really delicious, but I know by the time I got them into the oven, it would all fall apart a little bit. The end results would probably taste good, but there’s no way I could make them look as tempting as they do in the above shots. Perhaps window shopping cakes is the best way.

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