5k Sub 30, Week 8 - I didn't have a race, but I did 5k anyway

Published September 16, 2011

This doesn’t really count as a week, it’s just one run. The final one. The 5k. According to the class, this is the race that we have been training for. I didn’t have a race, but I did 5k anyway. Walking intervals were not included, but the notes for this final run said we could do them anyway, if we wanted.

I decided not to, and ran the whole way.

Running speed and elevation graph

This isn’t as good as the previous mid-class 5k that I ran, but given how I’ve dragged the last couple of weeks out, I’m hardly surprised.

In fact, I’m more happy that I completed the whole thing without stopping. I’m making changes to my diet and my energy levels are all out of whack at the moment, so I wasn’t sure I’d even get to the end.

Overall, although I’m disappointed with this particular run, I know I can go faster, and I know I’ve learnt a lot through doing this class - about my breathing and about being able to push myself sometimes.

I was hoping for a note from Runkeeper saying “Congratulations, you’ve finished!” but that was not forthcoming. I’m glad I finished this class, considering I gave the last one up halfway through, but now I have to decide what to do next. There aren’t really any more Runkeeper classes that suit me - unless I try my hand at one of the 10k ones again. I’m not sure I’m ready to try that kind of a distance again yet.

As I mentioned in the last post, I think what I really need to work on is routine, getting out there running more and not having to battle my mind each and every time. The highest number of runs I have completed in a month is 13 and that just doesn’t seem like very many. I think my next challenge will be to try and make that 15. September is slipping away too quickly for my liking, so I think I’ll make that a goal for October.

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