5k Sub 30, Week 7 - Wasn't about to go out in the tailend of Hurricane Katia

Published September 14, 2011

Typical that we get to the final week and I am delayed by… everything. First I went to the Steam Fair and took a day or two to recover from all that walking and all that sun. Then I was prepared to go out, got up early and everything and it was bucketing it down. Didn’t quite fancy it. Nevertheless, eventually, I managed to get Week 7, the final one, underway.

Week 7, Day 43

Running speed and elevation graph

Bit pointless this one, really. I went into it thinking: “Okay, this is my last chance at a long run for this class, I’ve had a few too many days off, I’ll just take it easy and go for the distance.” But even that didn’t really work. It was the old wading through treacle feeling, and all my limbs felt independent from each other, not working in sync.

I’m not a fan of this run anyway, far too much walking compared to the running. The next two are my preferred thirty minute runs so that should be better.

Week 7, Day 45

Running speed and elevation graph

Much better than the last one, but not as good as the previous version of this run. Not made progress this week, but it’s hardly surprising. It’s not a good week.

Week 7, Day 47

Running speed and elevation graph

Jeez louise, I couldn’t have dragged this week out much more if I’d tried. Things have been manic and I wasn’t about to go out in the tailend of Hurricane Katia. I don’t do windy conditions.

So, more days between runs and another not particularly fast one. This is the last run before the final 5k, and then the course is complete. I think once I’m done, I’ll have to concentrate on getting a routine together. This inconsistent running is driving me mad.

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