5k Sub 30, Week 3 - Not the worst by a long way

Published August 1, 2011

Again, I didn’t manage to run over the weekend which has put me rather behind schedule. Also, for this first one, I was slightly hampered by new-shoe-related injuries. Thing about taking some time off work is you forget how to wear posh shoes. Anyway, on with the running.

Week 3, Day 15

Running speed and elevation graph

Tricky run. My feet weren’t actually that much of a problem in the end, but I did find myself struggling in the final few running stints. That pesky thigh ache returned, along with a stitch, both on the right-hand side, so I suspect I might have been leaning over like the Hunchback of ND, or something. Because I wasn’t on top form, it took forever to cover the distance. I started to get my head around the conversion between miles and kilometres, which will definitely help in the future. I started to lose energy and motivation towards the end though. Could have done with one of those gels! (Not.)

Week 3, Day 17

Running speed and elevation graph

I don’t really remember this run. I’ve been pretty distracted recently and I had a lot to think about as I headed out and about. I know that my feet hurt a bit, but I think I tied my shoes too tight. The pace wasn’t great but it was mostly comfortable. That’s all I can say about it!

Week 3, Day 19

Running speed and elevation graph

No five minute warm up this time, and thank goodness. It was freakishly warm outside, not hot in a sun-bearing-down-on-you kind of way, but even the breeze was an oppressive warm gust. Yuck. The good news is I felt a lot better about this run, there were no shoe or leg issues, and that thigh niggle has gone away again, except for the excessive heat. I wasn’t particularly fast, which is disappointing, but not the worst by a long way.

To Work On

I’ve noticed a couple of things this week that I can try and do better at, and it’s always good to have mini goals. (I’ve totally stolen this from Richard’s Sourdough project.)

  • I know walking intervals are rest intervals but I need to still walk with purpose instead of dragging my feet like I’m on a stroll.
  • Have to replace missing TuneBelt armband so I can free up a hand to carry water again.
  • Try to find a celebratory 5k route for when I’m done, somewhere nice.
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