Taste Twenty Trial - 8. Lucozade Sport Energy Gel

Published July 23, 2011

Whilst watching Wimbledon this year, Mr C questioned what those tennis players were consuming when they squeezed little gel packets into their mouths.

I assumed they were some kind of gel thing for top sportspeople, but then I realised they sell them in the supermarket. We decided to try some.

Lucozade Sport Energy Gel

Eww. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a sweet treat or anything but this was not good. It tasted like medicine, and as a gel it was all gooey and gross. I didn’t particularly feel any extra energy but then I wasn’t in the midst of a mammoth tennis game either.

I bought two, but after trying the Lucozade one, I couldn’t bring myself to try the other one. It is still sitting on my desk, flaunting it’s strawberry and banana label at me. I dread to think what that one is like.

If there weren’t a million other reasons why I could never be a tennis player, this certainly would be a deal-breaker.

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