The Archers - June 2011

Published July 5, 2011

This month in Ambridge seems to have been another where the storylines tick along nicely, but there were no major outbursts to dominate. There were a few talking points, though, so let’s see what’s been happening.

Just tripping

Adam and Brian agreed to take over Farm Sunday to take some of the weight off David. It was a nice gesture from them, although clearly they were all quite competitive about it. Will they be fighting over who gets to host it next year? There’s been plenty of talk about the pickers, particularly the battle between Jazzer and Harry as they try and get to know one particular sweet-talking girl. Has he forgotten about Fallon? Are they not friends anymore? I find that slightly odd, but it was fun to hear the odd couple bickering with each other. All those trips that the pickers go on, they seem to have a more exciting life than anyone who stays in Ambridge regularly. Shakespeare plays, potteries, all kinds of things.

Talking about trips, Roy and Hayley finally agreed to letting Phoebe go on her year-long visit to South Africa. It’s disappointing that Kate gets her way, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Phoebe. I was worried that she’s already being infected by Kate’s mindset when she snapped at her dad: “Just because you’ve never lived anywhere else.” Very ouch. I feel for Hayley, but equally I’ll be glad we won’t hear from Kate for a year! She did graciously thank Hayley at the party, though. Perhaps she is growing as a person. Perhaps not.

Parent and/or guardian

At Brookfield, David was just starting to feel better about life, when Elizabeth dropped her next bombshell. Shula is the new guardian in waiting, in her will, replacing David and Ruth. It does seem very, very harsh on Ruth, but I suppose for Elizabeth there is no way to distinguish the pair of them, really. My sensible head keeps on saying they should just leave Elizabeth alone and she’ll work through it in her own time, because she’s over-reacting. But the acting is so good that when Elizabeth goes off on a rant, I’m almost convinced that she’s talking sense. It’s some fascinating situations. The bosses weren’t lying when they said Nigel’s death was going to ripple on indefinitely.

Emma is showing the strain of a new baby, and Ed ropes in Oliver to help with milking so he can spend more time at home. That will show Caroline, he thinks. Emma also seemed offended when Caroline declined to be godmother. Surely you can’t be offended when someone says no? It’s a pretty big responsibility you’re asking of them, and it’s good they’re taking it seriously.

Elsewhere, Helen is going to spend six more months with her child, and Kirsty is fine about covering at work. Kirsty works far too hard, I think. Jamie and Kathy had something of a breakthrough, when he missed an exam on what would have been Sid’s birthday, and she tracked him down to the cricket ground. Having said that, the events in Ambridge Extra showed a different side to the boy.

Oh, and there was talk of a book about Brian. But I don’t even want to think about it.

Extra time

We got to the end of Ambridge Extra, and I must admit, whilst there was nothing particularly wrong with it, I can’t say it was a complete success for me either. It was a bit awkward having to listen to two distinct shows, and I’m not a fan of how the show doesn’t quite reflect the “on-this-day” nature of The Archers. Still, this first series is over now, and it returns later in the year, I think. Not sure if I’ll listen to it when it returns.

Nevertheless, Chaz finally got his comeuppance. He tried to convince Alice to run away with him, and then she went to him with Chris to try and convince her husband nothing was going on! What was she thinking? He was only going to try and twist the truth. They had a happy ending though.

It seems all is well between Kirsty, Rhys and Fallon now. I did quite enjoy Nic having to come up with rubbish excuses. “Would you come and walk with me?” Uh… no, you strange woman!

Jamie’s friends were involved in a car crash that he would have been in, if he hadn’t refused because he quite likes his new girlfriend. His first thought was to call Kenton, showing he still has some respect for the man. There’s a reconciliation with his mum, his exams are pretty much over, and he has a really nice girlfriend who is clearly a good influence. Let’s hope that means we’ve heard the end of grumpy Jamie!

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