Not so much of a 10k after all... yet

Published July 5, 2011

I ran this final run of the 10K class before finally admitting defeat.

Week 5. Day 29.

The long run of the week, and I felt good going out there. I’d lost my TuneBelt armband and was all ready to use that as an excuse not to go. But then I changed my mind and went anyway, and I’m glad I did.

Running speed and elevation graph

I thought I might be able to get past 5k, and I decided to lower my average pace threshold to the 9:25 it was before the break a couple of weeks ago. I ran and I ran, and suddenly I was at 7k. I did go up to 9:26 for a moment, but I was determined to get the longest distance I’ve done to date. And I did!

Perhaps I should go out without my TuneBelt more often.

What next?

So, after that run, I buried myself in writing and didn’t look up. I didn’t run for about a week, and thus keeping up with the Fitness Class is beyond even my determination skills.

It occurs to me that what this class, and what most general running schedules try to teach is one long run with smaller ones for general fitness. So, I figured I could just do that. Run 5k when I can, figuring out what I am aiming for as I go, and run a longer distance once a week, or as the mood takes me.

I tried to start yesterday, but it was far too hot, so I didn’t even manage 5k. I remembered reading many blog posts saying just to go out anyway, because going out is better than not doing so, even if you don’t do very much.

Running speed and elevation graph

I think I am back on the wagon again now, although I said that last time and still took a week off. We’ll see.

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