I love Monopoly but I am not good at it

Published July 20, 2011

I’ve just started playing Monopoly on the iPad and I’m enjoying it. Actually that’s not true, I’m hating it because I’ve played twice - both on the easy setting - and I’ve lost both times. I swear the AI is cheating. However, if you ignore my uselessness at Monopoly, the app is really cool.

There are animations that make the dice rolling and piece moving fun, but you can fast forward them if you’re not interested in watching the dog gallop forward. Not having to calculate the money is brilliant and I think it is that part that makes playing Monopoly electronically a lot quicker than the board version.

As with most iPad board games, you can pass and play, or network, you can have up to four players, and you can change a whole host of settings. I particularly enjoy that you can tailor the rules to the way you are used to playing. There are always arguments when you play Monopoly with someone new - do you put money under Free Parking, how many houses before a hotel, and whether you get double money for landing on Go or just the normal amount. Having these options allow you to tweak the game to be the Monopoly you know and love.

Although I don’t love it. I hate it. Last time I played I had 75% of the board and still lost. Look.

Losing at Monopoly

I was blue, but clearly losing. Mortgaged properties, a minus figure in the bank, and not a single house or hotel in sight.

Stupid game. I think it’s because I was playing as the Prius. Yea, I don’t know why there is a Prius as an option. I should have chosen the racing car instead.

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