The Wombles at Glastonbury

Published June 17, 2011

I’m not that interested in Glastonbury, really, except for the bits and pieces I get to see on TV, and the excellent Big Picture features that appear afterwards. Live music is not really my thing, and when you throw in massive crowds, mud and camping, you can count me out.

However, it’s hard to ignore the headlines when they scream that the Wombles are going to appear on stage at Glastonbury. Mr C informed me of this breaking news, and I scoffed. “Yea, of course.”

But, it’s true. This story, in itself, is a brilliant piece of news that brightens up the day, just because it’s utterly ridiculous. However, it led Mr C and myself on an even more interesting journey that I just had to share.

First of all, Michael Eavis is not happy about it. As quoted:

All the exciting things we’ve got, the best headliners… I just don’t see why we have to drop The Wombles into the equation.

He’s got a point. Is there ever a need to drop The Wombles into the equation? The headliners are: U2, Coldplay, Beyonce… and The Wombles. Not really. They’re more of a fun thing for the hungover daytime revellers, I think.

Poor Wombling legend Mike Batt responded:

It isn’t very nice to think that you have been booked at a festival where you aren’t welcome.

The mention of Mike Batt made us wonder who else was in the original Wombles line-up and whether they might be appearing. We didn’t get any further along the road than finding that Robin Le Mesurier was once a Womble.

The name rang a bell. Oh yes! John Le Mesurier, Robin’s father, was only the rather fabulous Sergeant Arthur in Dad’s Army. Not only that, but Robin’s mum is the excellent Hattie Jacques from all the Carry On films! What a parenting lineup. With that calibre, it’s only right that Robin went onto big things, like… dressing up in a furry suit and singing about litter.

Trouble is, Robin was fired from the group for “un-Womblish activities”. I dread to think what that entails. He went on to more serious music, such as playing guitar for Rod Stewart.

The Wombles, though, they are playing at Glastonbury! After that surreal ten minutes of internet investigation, I can only conclude that we have started drinking early this Friday evening.

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