Peugeot (but not Franck) win 1000k of Spa

Published May 8, 2011

After all that worry, Franck came second:

1LMP1Gene / Wurz / DavidsonPeugeot 9086:02:03.799
2LMP1Montagny / Sarrazin / MinassianPeugeot 908+ 42.965s
3LMP1Capello / Kristensen / McNishAudi R18 TDI+ 1 lap

I didn’t watch much, if any, of the race, but that seems rather incredible. From 50th to 2nd? Still, everyone said it was a long race, and I guess it must have been so.

As usual, Franck was his incredibly happy self:

My stint was complicated because I had to overtake a lot of people. I couldn’t drive at the same pace as the other due to the traffic and I used up the tyres quite a bit, so the balance was odd at the end of the stint.

Hmm. If it ain’t a win for Mr M, then it just isn’t good enough.

However, there was a smile at the end of the race when he gave teammate Sarrazin a quick squeeze.

Franck smiles

A podium, a smile, and still a little bit of stubble. Can’t ask for more than that from a Franck weekend.

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