Ease into 10k - Week 10

Published May 7, 2011

Here it is, the final week! Drum roll please.

Week 10, Day 1

Run 22 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x2.

Running speed and elevation graph

Two runs ago I would have given anything to get under 9:25, and today I was disappointed when I got to 9:04. How things change, and how quickly! Still, I had enough in the tank to speed up again towards the end.

The distance isn’t so good, because the total running time was 44 minutes rather than 54. It’s going to escalate over the next couple of days though.

Week 10, Day 2

Run 25 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x2.

Running speed and elevation graph

Ooh, this was a tough one. To get the excuses out the way first, I was a bit tired before I even went out and it was a lot hotter than I had anticipated.

However, the first stint seemed okay, if not as strong as the previous run. By the time I started the second, I was absolutely dead and wanted to stop. I was determined not to, though, so I went into this kind of mental arithmetic lockdown.

“Twenty one minutes to go. That’s two lots of ten plus one minute. One minute is sixty seconds. Ten lots of sixty seconds, times by two and then add sixty.”

“Twenty minutes to go. That’s two lots of ten. Four lots of five or five lots of four. Already completed one lot of five, so four more is not so bad.”

“Nineteen minutes to go. That’s two lots of nine plus one. Or ten plus nine. Ten is two fives…”

Etc. Etc.

It wasn’t until about five minutes to go that I managed to wake myself up again and find a bit of energy, and by then all I could do was keep the average pace from spiralling out of control. 9:20 is acceptable to me, if not exciting.

Week 10, Day 3

Run 30 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x2.

Running speed and elevation graph

Longest duration, and longest distance but from beginning to end, really, really tough.

I should be feeling elated at having finished the programme, but I don’t. More like disappointed, maybe even a bit crushed. Everything had clicked into place, and now it has unclicked again.

Perhaps it is just because I suck at running. (This is not me fishing for compliments, I do suck, and I’m comfortable with that fact. It won’t put me off any time soon!) Perhaps it is just because I was due a bad day or two and it’s unfortunate timing.

I’m sort of thinking it was the strange scheduling though. I thought it was weird when I saw it written down first. The jumps in duration seem massive, for no real reason. I put my trust in those who know better than me, because they’ve got me this far, but it didn’t really end as I’d have liked it to.

Nevertheless, we shall not finish on a negative note. Next week I am off gallavanting about the country for a few days in search of some more alphabet goodness. I’m not sure what running time I will have, but I will try to find some.

After that, I have taken the plunge and signed up for a Runkeeper Class. These things have been tormenting me since I signed up to Runkeeper. “Try me, try me,” they keep saying. So, why not?

I’ve chosen the 10K Time Goal Sub 60 Minutes one, although given how I’ve done with this Ease into 10K programme, I’ll still only be halfway to 10k by the end! The thinking behind it is that I’ve been pushing at distance and done that side of things. These classes help with speed work, and… well, in my head it will be focusing on quality running instead of quantity.

It should be fun!

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