The Archers - March 2011

Published April 3, 2011

As a bit of a change, I thought I’d split this month up into its separate weeks - Sunday to Friday - to see how the stories developed.

Week 1

Emma and Clarrie go shopping together and it’s all very awkward. Considering Emma has Susan at home just desperate to pamper her, it seems odd that she’s chasing more of a relationship with Clarrie as well.

Both Pat and Tony go on and on at Helen to move in with them, until she finally gives in - but only at the point where she believes it would be doing both sides a favour.

Kenton and Jolene finally get together. Radio kissing is bleurgh, but there is an element of sweetness about them.

The most telling thing about Phoebe’s worries ahead of her South Africa trip is that she’s concerned Kate will think she’s a big baby. Still, Hayley does the right thing and having promised not to tell Kate, tells Jennifer who decides to tag along on the trip to accompany Phoebe. That leaves Brian holding the baby, which in turn, shows him up for the terrible father he is.

Over at Brookfield, Ruth finally snaps and tells David he must quit Elizabeth and do it now. Oh, and both the twins passed their cathedral school entrance exams, which is quite a surprise considering how they have portrayed Freddie to be a bit… well… slower than Lily.

Week 2

David admits to Elizabeth that he can’t help anymore, and as everyone anticipated, Lizzie throws herself into it and her heart can’t take the strain. Also, there’s something up with the cows at Brookfield. It never rains but it pours.

Helen FINALLY apologises to Tony for being a complete cow. It’s only been four months.

I’m worried about Jolene suddenly deciding she wants to keep The Bull. If it’s just because Kenton makes her happy, and because he wants her to keep it, well, that’s all well and good if things work out between them.

Brian organises to ship Ruari off to Ireland for two of the three weeks he was going to have to look after him. Sounds about right.

Week 3

Elizabeth requires surgery for something that’s a bit like a pacemaker, and she was in two minds about it. David got all pushy but Elizabeth took her time and made the right decision in the end. I must say, Jill’s idea of some “catering therapy” for the kids sounds like something I would like.

The Grundy men are searching for a decent Sunday roast after they’ve been forced to give it up for Lent. In the meantime, it’s Eddie’s birthday, and they win a bit of money.

Jamie finds out about Kenton and Jolene, which means we’re in for some proper angst, I reckon.

What I don’t understand is why, when faced with a grumpy: “What do you think I am, five?” from Jamie, Kathy doesn’t just say, “Well, yes, actually. From the way you’re acting, I’d say more four and a half.”

Week 4

Jamie, Fallon and Kenton all sort of find out about each other’s secrets, as Fallon confronts Kenton about his fling with Holly. I’ve just realised how flippin’ incestuous Ambridge is. You’ve got Emma having a baby with the brother of the father of her previous child. You’ve got Kenton going out with the step-mother of the child of his former girlfriend.

mind explodes

Talking of Emma, she’s getting to that stressful stage of pregnancy, where she just completely flips at both George and Ed.

Roy begins to help Elizabeth and from the minute he arrives it is freakishly obvious that she’s going to want to keep him. He’s full of ideas and all “energised” about working there. He’s going to want to stay too.

Meanwhile, there’s a book club and the possibility of Gardener’s Question Time coming to Ambridge.

Week 5

Fallon attempts to get through to Jamie, and Jolene has a bit of a word with him as well. It’s not clear whether it will help or not, because every day he has to go home and face the suffocating Kathy.

Although, Kathy spent quite a lot of her time peering out the window and watching the Grundy’s run around trying to hide their roast chicken. Clarrie found out, as she always does. I am amazed that Joe and Eddie still think they can pull the wool over her eyes, but I admire their persistence.

The inquest into Nigel’s death happens, and David lets out some emotion. They conclude it as an accidental death and Ruth puts her foot down. “This has to be an end to it.”

Phoebe is still nervous about her trip to Africa, more from the missing her family point of view than the travelling concerns of earlier in the month. Vicky lends a helping hand. She can be nice sometimes!

Elizabeth admits she would like to keep Roy. Didn’t see that one coming. Problem is, it would be poaching one of Caroline’s best staff. This could get awkward.

Kenton books Jolene a trip to Monte Carlo. Jealous.

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