Face recognition via iPhoto

Published April 2, 2011

With a reformatted Mac comes the opportunity to start things over, to organise better. I decided that I would try out iPhoto in all it’s proper glory - as in attempting to use it as a photo library, instead of as just a way to get pictures out of the iPod.

I’ve sorted everything out into Events, which was pretty dull, and then I took a look at the face recognition part of it.

Such fun!

I’ve never really looked at any face recognition stuff before, and it boggled my mind just a little bit. Three random photos appear, you name them, it learns, as you click for more photos it starts to suggest who they might be.

Franck Montagny face recognition

Why, yes, yes that is Franck Montagny, thank you for asking.

Recently, I got Mr C to take some photos of me in some Comic Relief get up for Red Nose Day, and that included one of the Vivienne Westwood designed t-shirts. I opted for the one with William Shakespeare on, which means that this moment occurred.

William Shakespeare face recognition

It’s not all fun and games though. The software also asked me to name some purple carpet, and a twenty-mile an hour speed sign.

I’ve got about 5,000 unnamed faces sitting on iPhoto, waiting to be identified. It seems like an awful lot but I categorised a thousand of them today. It turns out it’s a pretty addictive pastime.

Especially when you are Shakespeare spotting!

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