The Rubik's clock

Published March 8, 2011

Remember when I completed the Rubik’s Cube? It’s not my proudest moment, so I don’t really want to bring it up again, but Steven left an interesting comment:

I never managed to to get more than three side of the cube completed so well done. Now you need a new challenge you should try to find a Rubik clock.

Mr C immediately piped up and said he had a Rubik’s Clock, and he wasn’t lying.

Rubik’s Clock

It’s double sided, with one wheel you can move at each of the four corners. The four pins in the middle hold various clocks in place so you can move other ones independently. The idea is to get all the clocks pointing upwards to 12 o’clock. On both sides.

It’s flippin’ impossible. I played around with it for about a day and I still don’t really understand a) how it works and b) how to get it to do anything I want.

So, Steven’s challenge was to FIND a Rubik’s Clock. Done. Completing it? No chance.

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