A Mac memory

Published March 6, 2011

In the midst of our studio sort-out, we uncovered this little gem.

Old Apple Mac

This is the G3 Lombard from 1999. This was the first gadget that I stole from Mr C, in the early days of our relationship.

It was also the first Mac I ever used, and it was a good one. Lovely keyboard, beautiful curviness, and little flaps to cover up all the ports and holes. Plus I do love black gadgets.

I found it frustrating to use though. I wasn’t at all keen on the Mac workflow, and I was busy learning HTML and taking steps towards PHP. I remember being very relieved to get back to PCs.

However, compared to the laptops on offer today from Apple, the G3 was so lovely. It must be special because we kept it all this time, and we’re usually pretty keen to throw things away.

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