Two weeks of Lineker and counting

Published February 14, 2011

A couple of weekends ago, Premier League football had one of it’s best weekends. Record-breaking numbers of goals were scored, matches with eight goals altogether, penalties, men sent off, that kind of thing. Mr C and I figured that although our taste for football is still vague, we didn’t want to miss the highlights of an epic day.

So, we sat and we watched Match of the Day, and it was good.

This weekend just gone, we found ourselves sitting and watching Match of the Day again. And it was good. Again. There were no record-breaking goals this time, although Rooney did manage to score whilst simultaneously being upside down. That is, I think, another story.

Not only have we watched MotD two weeks in a row, but both weeks we have sat ready for it to start, catching the end of the news, and… get this… switching channels when they get to the sport so as not to spoil anything.


On this weekend’s programme, I managed to spot and recognise the manager of Wolverhampton. I mean, Fabio Capello, sure. Sven-Göran Eriksson, fine. Maybe even an Alex Ferguson or two. But, Wolves?

I also have knowledge that the Manchester teams are near the top of the league. My team are near the bottom and this week they got pushed down another place because Birmingham moved up. Also, the teams in the bottom three all begin with W.

I don’t know who I am anymore!

I must say, though, even if I am gradually getting more interested in the so-called Beautiful Game, Match of the Day is the only way I could watch it. Flipping through my TV guide still sees my eyes gloss over when there are lists of who is playing who and when each match is on.

Highlights for the win.

For now.

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